August 23 2016 0Comment

OMCA Benefits of Being A Member

Oklahoma’s Secretary of Transportation and Director of ODOT Speaks to OMCA. Being a member of Oklahoma Municipal Contractors Association gets you access to influential speaking engagements.

Here are more benefits of being an OMCA member:

1. We just sponsored a four-hour training course for people who hold a water license from DEQ, which is required each year to keep their licenses, and do so each year, free of cost to our members.

2. We have quarterly meetings with the Director of Public Works for the City of OKC and our executive committee to keep open lines of communication between the two of us.

3. We work with Call OKIE on utility relocation issues.

4. We work with the Oklahoma Legislature and the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation on issues pertaining to contractors, engineers and our members.

5. We have signed an alliance between the Okla. Department of Labor, OSHA and OMCA to work together to support and maintain a safe working environment.