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What is OMCA PAC?

The Oklahoma Municipal Contractors Association Political Action Committee is the arm of OMCA that leagally contributes to political campaigns. OMCA PAC was founded in 1999.

Two times annually, we will give you and opportunity to contribute to OMCA PAC at events.
You May still contribute if you do not attend the events.
Fall Event: Sporting Clays
Spring Event: Sporting Clays
For a minimum gift of $125 – $250 per person / per event, you may attend the fall and / or spring events.
Please complete the contact us to receive more information about our events.

Who Leads OMCA PAC?
A five-person OMCA PAC committee makes the fund distribution recommendations. The Board of Directors approves these recommendations.
Your contribution allows OMCA PAC to contribute to municipal elections of council members and mayors, municipal bond issues and other infrastructure-related issues.

Why Join OMCA PAC?
You can have a say with our elected officials. OMCA PAC is the political voice of our industry, and is strengthened by your participation.
When you join OMCA PAC, you support those who support your industry, and oppose those who oppose your industry.
All members will be invited to the functions honoring elected officials.

Who’s in OMCA PAC?
Individuals who voluntarily give to OMCA PAC automatically become members.

OMCA PAC Accomplishments
• Right-To-Work
• 2000 and 2007 OKC Bond Issues
• MAPS for Kids
• MAPS 3 in OKC
• Funding political candidates who support our industry.

OMCA PAC Contributions
We welcome contributions, but we will only solicit funds at the two events.
Because only individuals may give to OMCA PAC, please make contributions by personal, not company checks.

Please mail contributions to:
P.O. Box 891797
Oklahoma City, OK 73189
P: 405) 236-2248
F: (405) 236-2153